Tuesday, December 30, 2008

iPhone Cozy

One of my presents this year was an iPhone. And instead of spending money on a leather case, made one based on the Funky Fones 6x6 Cable Case.


With the iPhone tucked inside.

When I get a little more confidence, I'll give the Owl Cable one a try.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I admit it. I'm relatively new to knitting. I look at things and think, hey I could knit a cozy/warmer/holder for that. I might even think about how to design it. Sometimes they are common things, sometimes not so common.

Never would I have thought of this.

I give you a Snail Warmer, and one made to look like a Christmas Tree.

I would love to know what thought process happens to make you think, "Hmm. That snail looks cold. I'll knit it a little holiday themed sweater." Because I want to be able to do that. It's a combination of 'that's so cute!' and 'WTF?!?' that I adore.

Friday, December 26, 2008

DROPS Slippers in Garter Stitch

DROPS Slippers in Garter Stitch are an interesting elf boot like pattern. It makes up quickly, but it is a bit tricky to put together if you are using a single color like I did.

Ridiculously Easy Mary Janes

I also made two Ridiculously Easy Mary Janes, changing the pattern for the strap.

Slip Knit Slippers

Last years was scarves. This year was slippers. Most of them were Slip Stitch Knitted Slippers

Metallicar Dishcloth

It's hard to see the pattern in this one, mostly due to my sucky photo taking skills. The Supernatural Impala Dishcloth Pattern is what I based the Metallicar Illusion Scarf on.

A Mischief of Mice

I've made mice (pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation) up for friends who have cats. What surprises me is that these are what I'm hearing the most squee about.

Fingerless Mitts

I did the Alien Illusion Scarf for a friend in a variegated color. We got talking about how cold it gets where she lives, and she mentioned how she thought that fingerless mitts rock. I never have done mitts or gloves before, but I found the 220 Fingerless Mitts pattern and gave it a try.

Coffee Cozy

For a friend who is a coffee addict. This was a quick and fun knit following an easy pattern.


For the Trek fan that has everything, of course. She saw the pictures of some I was making up for an event I ended up not attending (net year, finances willing) and just had to have one. This is a simple homebrew pattern I'm developing and will eventually post.


As promised, here are the pictures of the Christmas gifts I knitted. I'm breaking this into several posts because there are so many of them. :)

First up, a TARDIS for a Dr. Who fan. And yes, I've threatened to knit her the matching Dalek. For some reason, she doesn't seem to be taking my threat so seriously

When I came across the pattern, I had no idea that this would be so huge. I knit it on #5 US needles. Here's a few shots with a ruler to give you the idea of the scale. If I do it again, I'm seriously considering doing it on #2 or even #1.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!

I received two very cool gifts today. I was given some wonderfully soft lavender Baby Alpaca Yarn from The Hunger Site. According to the label, it was made by Inca Tops, and appears to match the description of their Muhu. The skein states a weight of 75 gr., but no yardage. Google is failing me, and I'm not sure exactly what size this yarn is. Anyone know a good way to estimate what the yardage is?

I also got some lovely fair trade Banana Yarn in teal, also from The Hunger Site stores. I'm not sure what I'll make with it, but it does list the yardage. It's an interesting texture, almost papery, so I want to be sure to make something special out of it rather than my standard slippers or scarf knits.

And I haven't forgotten. Pictures of Christmas presents will be coming soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Metallicar Illusion Scarf Pattern

I've teased about this for long enough. And here it is. The Metallicar Illusion Scarf Pattern in all it's Supernatural glory. If you do make this pattern, I would love to see pictures of you modeling the scarf. And yes, three are in the process of being made for Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki.

Click here to download a PDF version of this pattern including written instructions.

Click here to download a PDF version of the chart only.

For personal use only. Please feel free to modify this pattern, as long as source credit is given.

The pattern is based on the Supernatural Impala Dish Cloth by Concetta Phillipps. Original pattern modified with permission.

Samples pictured below were knitted on US Size 6 needles using Caron One Pound of Yarn (one skein black, one skein white). Approximately half the skeins are used. Finished dimensions are 114” long by 12.5” wide including fringe.

Gauge: 16 stitches and 26 rows per 4 inches

Materials used:
1/2 Skein Caron One Pound of Yarn (Black) or 413 yards of worsted weight yarn of choice
1/2 Skein Caron One Pound of Yarn (White) or 413 yards of worsted weight yarn of choice
#6 US/4mm knitting needles
#F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook
Blunt eyed needle

Note - Since the colors repeat every two rows, do not cut the yarn when it is time to change color. Carry up the new color behind the strand of the color on the needle. It will form a decorative edge and save you the trouble of weaving in ends. Be careful not to pull too tightly or one side of the scarf will pucker.

Abbreviations used in this pattern:
CO = Cast on
K = Knit
P = Purl
BO = Bind off

CO 50 stitches in Black
Row 1 - K50 [RS] Black
Row 2 - P50 [WS] Black
Rows 3 - 4 - K50 White
Row 5 - 8 - Repeat Rows 1 - 4
Row 9 - K50 Black
Row 10 - P9, K5, P17, K5, P14 Black
Row 11 - K50 White
Row 12 - K9, P5, K17,P5, K14 White
Row 13 - K50 Black
Row 14 - P8, K3, P1, K3, P15, K3, P1, K3, P13 Black
Row 15 - K50 White
Row 16 - K8, P3, K1, P3, K15, P3, K1, P3, K13 White
Row 17 - K50 Black
Row 18 - P4, K3, P1, K3, P1, K3, P1, K13, P1, K3, P1, K3, P1, K5, P7 Black
Row 19 - K50 White
Row 20 - K4, P3, K1, P3, K1, P3, K1, P13, K1, P3, K1, P3, K1, P5, K7 White
Row 21 - K50 Black
Row 22 - P4, K4, P1 K5, P1, K15, P1, K5, P1, K8, P5 Black
Row 23 - K50 White
Row 24 - K4, P4, K1, P5, K1, P15, K1, P5, K1, P8, K5 White
Row 25 - K50 Black
Row 26 - P4, K42, P4 Black
Row 27 - K50 White
Row 28 - K4, P42, K4 White
Row 29 - K50 Black
Row 30 - P5, K40, P5 Black
Row 31 - K50 White
Row 32 - K5, P40, K5 White
Row 33 - K50 Black
Row 34 - P6, K12, P14, K11, P7 Black
Row 35 - K50 White
Row 36 - K6, P12, K14, P11, K7 White
Row 37 - K50 Black
Row 38 - P17, K3, P10, K5, P15 Black
Row 39 - K50 White
Row 40 - K17, P3, K10, P5, K15 White
Row 41 - K50 Black
Row 42 - P18, K15, P17 Black
Row 43 - K50 White
Row 44 - K18, P15, K17 White
Rows 45 - 528 - Repeat Rows 1 - 44 eleven times.
Row 529 - 532 - Repeat Rows 1 - 4
Row 533 - 534 - Repeat Rows 1 - 2

BO all stitches.

Weave in ends using a blunt eyed needle.

For fringe, cut sixty-six 20 inch strands in each color. Starting at the first stitch, attach every other stitch by pulling 3 strands through using a crochet hook.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of Christmas and upcoming posts...

I've finished my knit Christmas Gifts, with one exception that's going to have to wait. I have a nagging feeling that there will be other people I think of last minute who make me facepalm because I didn't remember them. But I'll have to get them other things instead. Now I can go back to knitting things for me without worrying about deadlines.

Because most of what I was knitting were things I couldn't show in progress pics of, I couldn't post details here. But now as I know friends are opening them, I will post pictures of things as they are finished.

My reward for doing this is to knit myself a Benetar from New Knits on the Block. Because I'm doing it for me and not a child, I'm doubling it's size. Originally I wanted to do a Monk's Travel Satchel, but the yarn I bought was too stretchy for it.

As I get free time, I also intend to be posting my thoughts on working with various yarns and patterns. Plus watch this space for a fandom related pattern to be posted shortly.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I just felted my first felt project today. It was an interesting experience. Because this is a relatively small project, I had to do it by hand instead of tossing it in the washing machine. So I'm scrunching the knitted item in as hot water as I can bear, having let it soaked five minutes first. And I'm thinking the whole time that this isn't working... it's way too big... I'm going to have to come up with some sort of back-up gift.

And then I notice my stiches are starting to disappear.

Okay, another ten minutes and this should be done. I pull it out and check it against what it has to fit around and it's about an inch too big. So I worked about another minute or so on it.

I could almost hear a 'schlooooooop' and I swear the water level dropped an inch.

I pulled it out and fitted it again. Now my thin knitting was nice and thick. And it fit the form nicely. I have to let it dry overnight and I'll see how it comes out. But it looks good so far. Pictures will be posted once it has been gifted.

I hope my other two felting projects go as well tomorrow.