Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of Christmas and upcoming posts...

I've finished my knit Christmas Gifts, with one exception that's going to have to wait. I have a nagging feeling that there will be other people I think of last minute who make me facepalm because I didn't remember them. But I'll have to get them other things instead. Now I can go back to knitting things for me without worrying about deadlines.

Because most of what I was knitting were things I couldn't show in progress pics of, I couldn't post details here. But now as I know friends are opening them, I will post pictures of things as they are finished.

My reward for doing this is to knit myself a Benetar from New Knits on the Block. Because I'm doing it for me and not a child, I'm doubling it's size. Originally I wanted to do a Monk's Travel Satchel, but the yarn I bought was too stretchy for it.

As I get free time, I also intend to be posting my thoughts on working with various yarns and patterns. Plus watch this space for a fandom related pattern to be posted shortly.

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