Monday, August 4, 2008

Dragon*Con Costume - Wolf Ears and Tail

I bought a tail last year at Dragon*Con, but wasn't able to get a pair of ears. I've been looking at some online, but can't find the ones I like when I actually had some money to spend on them. Then two weekends ago I came to the brilliant realization that I can knit a set. I came across some funfur with a metallic glitter and started knitting.


Of course, if I'm making a set of ears, I need a matching tail. Or at least one that will match better than the one I bought.:)



The ears will be sewn together and slipped over a wire frame attached to a headband. The tail needs an additional few inches knitted on for the belt loop. It will be folded over, stuffed, and a wire inserted to give it a slight curve.

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