Monday, August 18, 2008

More updates

I finished the ears. When I have a chance, I'll post a picture of me modeling them. Right now you'll just have to use your imagination. But here's what they look like.


I also have added more to the Metallicar Illusion Scarf. There are now 7 cars in it. I'm going to measure at 12 completed, and decide if it should be longer or not.



My cat Xena had to check out the quality of the work.


Don't worry, it passed inspection.

And I have started a scarf for my uncle. Actually, he's my mom's cousin, but for some reason, I was taught to call him uncle. It's based off the Mudflap Girl pattern that can be found in Stitch 'N Bitch Nation



All in all, not bad output for a week.


Aija said...

I love your mudflap scarf. I have been trying to figure one out for my fiance, but am having a "brain fat" trying to do the chart. I did download an illusion chart maker but am still having problems. Do you have any info you can share? It would be greatly appreciated!

Lycanthrophile said...

Aija, shoot an email over to and I'll send you info on what I did.