Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is what happens when I'm allowed to think...

I'm doing some prep for going to Dragon*Con, and was thinking how I'd like a little pouch to go around my neck. Nothing too big or fancy - just big enough to put some cash, a credit card, and a room key in so I don't have to schlep my purse around. I'll be schlepping enough books for autographs. I could use a hip pack, but they make me nervous about pickpockets for some reason. I could put it in my pockets, but I have a tendency to drop things rummaging for other things, and my phone has a nasty habit of demagnetizing any card in next to it.

Then I realized, hey, I could knit me a little pouch. It would only take a few hours, would use up leftover yarn I have, and be something to keep me busy. Came up with a pattern and have knitted it. Just need to do the cord and figure out the closing. And if I leave off the cord, they will be perfect for reusable wrappings for gift cards, coin pouches, and so on. I'm still fine tuning the pattern, so I'll post it once I figure out the exact dimensions for the cord.

Then I realized, you know, it would be rude to show up and not have a few of these to give to my friends that I'm going with...

So here I am, knitting frantically away on a last minute project I told myself I wouldn't be doing.

Oops. :)

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